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September 4, 2018

Sponsored Jobs

Sponsored Jobs posted on Sponsor-Connect are occupation specific. Sponsored Jobs Australia

Roles are located in all states and territories across Australia.

All jobs hosted here are verified as sponsorship eligible.

Jobs posted offer sponsorship as, Sponsored Jobs Australia

  • Employers have indicated sponsorship is offered to the right candidate
  • Employers have been pre-qualified for sponsorship
  • Employers are aware of cost and obligations of sponsorship
  • Employers indicate the role offering sponsorship is difficult to fill from local market
  • Many of the roles are in regional and remote areas
  • Roles for metropolitan centres of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are high demand
  • High demand roles offering sponsorship reflect skills shortage in local areas
  • All employers agree that market rates will be offered with sponsorship roles

 Sponsored Jobs Australia

Applicants for jobs listed will need to ensure eligibility. We can provide pre-qualification service and skills assessment management.

Post Sponsored Roles HerePost immediate, emergency or long term roles offering sponsorship

In some cases, skills assessment will be mandatory.

In other cases, recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be required where work experience is used instead of formal qualification.

Where jobs are internally managed, apply to us. Employers wishing direct application will include their details on application.

We also offer candidate matching service. If you are seeking sponsored employment, lodge your resume with us.