408 Temporary Activities Visa – Entrepreneur Stream

What is it?

The 408 visa is a temporary activities visa.

It is designed for special activities that are generally not defined under typical employer/employee arrangements.

Types of visa streams within the 408 visa category include such activities as sporting, religious, humanitarian or disaster and emergency assistance (for example fire fighting during the Summer bush fire season).

Entrepreneurship Visa

The entrepreneur stream of the 408 visa is a special ‘pilot’ program introduced through the South Australian government.

It is a pilot program as it is being trialled for rollout across the country if the Department of Home Affairs considers the experiment a success.

The purpose of the visa is to allow for entrepreneurial, innovative or start up business ideas to be implemented by non-residents in the state of South Australia.

Although the visa relates to business start-ups, it is not granted to applicants with business proposals not considered to be entrepreneurial or innovative.

Business proposals rejected by the South Australian government include (but not limited to)

- Restaurants
- Franchises
- Real estate / property development
- Retail business
- Import / export
- Generally available ‘off the shelf’ business models

To be considered eligible for state nomination the venture concept must be new, cutting edge, innovative, employing new technologies, new processes or patentable practices that will deliver value to the state of South Australia.

408 Temporary Activities Visa – Application Process

Things to note

To apply for the 408 Temporary Activities visa under the Entrepreneurship Stream there is a two stage process.

1. Nomination Application to South Australian government
2. Once nomination is granted, application for the visa.

The nomination application is the most critical stage of the visa application process.

Failure to obtain nomination means in-eligibilty for the visa.

How we can help – Nomination Application

We have assisted a number of clients to successfully obtain nominations for this visa.

Our service is unique, in that we combine the experience of a senior migration agent and a former Goldman Sachs investment banker to deliver quality, migration compliant proposals for the nomination application.

Our comprehensive proposals include

  • Proposal – The Pitch
  • Detailed business plan
  • Applicant profile
  • Financial plan
  • Customised elements of the plan to address questions of ‘innovative’ characteristics and 'benefits to Australia'

Our formula has been immensely successful to date.

To enquire as to whether we can assist you, simply contact us with your details and basic pitch. We will soon be in touch.


We offer a variety of service inclusions to our 408, 132 and 188 Business and Investment Visa clients


Demand for migration support specialists is rising across Australia among law firms and visa & migration service providers.


We apply migration and business expertise to 408, 132 and 188 Visa state nomination applications from strategic planning and benefit to country considerations.


Our proven track record in successful state nominations for 408, 132 and 188 Visa includes structured approaches to resources planning to satisfy evidence requirements of plan operationalisation.


Our structured and methodical approach to risk management and mitigation aims to identify application weakness and mitigation strategies to maximise application success.


We leverage strategic relationships on behalf of our clients to maximise the benefit to country propositions in all 408, 132 and 188 state nomination applications.


Our focus on innovation and creativity delivers a powerful approach to application support to assist clients formulate strategies to effectively operationalise their business ideas.


Some of our successful 408, 132 and 188 state nominations


Augmented Reality Geo-location game & competition with cash prizes. Strategic relationships were formed to assist applicant in operationalisation of business proposal. Pilot program proposed in the state government nomination to demonstrate player engagement and revenue forecasts.


The client's core business proposal of transports and logistics proposed localised door to door delivery of packages and documents. They proposal aimed to utilise existing localised delivery and logistics networks to provide heavily discounted rates (upwards of 80% margins per movement) on deliveries. Design and sale of bespoke boxes for storage and haulage were proposed to deliver additional revenue and local employment.


Switch to Renewables was a proposal we compiled for our client. We combined the core idea of switching platform systems and a new and improved method of switching power plans to renewable friendly utilities that aimed to increase trust and efficiency - addressing the two main barriers to switching. The main selling point was to deliver a platform based system to help thousands of consumers switch to clean, affordable energy tariffs.


Our client's business model was pitched as environmentally friendly solutions for strata gardening services. With pest control in garden maintenance a significant challenge with cost implications for strata levies, the client's proposal was aimed at delivering dual benefits of environmentally responsible pest and weed control with cost minimisation for strata levies.


Leveraging existing online ordering, catering and delivery infrastructure, the app based service aims to identify participating restaurants, cafes and caterers for consumer selection, online ordering and home/office delivery. The app will leverage a database of subscribed menus by service providers with the core requirements of conforming to dietary standards of the ketogenic diet, where carbohydrates are replaced with healthy fats as a fuel source.


Investment in social programs, philanthropy and charitable programs is a considerable expenditure in the national economy. The client proposal aimed to develop an online aggregation tool to enable stakeholders in government, community and industry to gain better visibility of expenditures and capital flows. The tool also provides for a tendering mechanism for community based organisations to pitch for funding on specific projects.

Optimizing your business migration proposal!

From business and strategic planning, market research, benefit to country propistions, we cover it all.


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