407 Training Visa Nominations: Common Reasons for Refusal (PART I)

With many years experience in employer sponsored application case management, Tribunal appeals, Departmental appeals, and nomination re-applications (on previously refused nominations), I have come across all possible grounds for nomination refusal. Some of these are the same for nomination application refusals in general, but others are unique to Training Visa nomination refusals. At the time[…]

Why are nomination refusals on the rise?

Internal departmental figures show nomination refusals on the rise. Sharply in fact.  Nomination applications for TSS 482, ENS 186 and RSMS 187 are affected. Reasons for refusal are broad but are generally the result of a more strict application of assessment  criteria under the Migration Regulations (1994).  Appealing the decision through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal[…]

Nomination Application Refusals TSS 482 Visa – What can you do?

Nomination refusals for TSS have spiked dramatically under recent changes. Many nomination refusal decisions appear to be unreasonable. Others seem punitive. Grounds for application refusal are most often due to an over-zealous application of migration regulations. Nomination refusal? What can you do? The first thing to do is to prepare for appeal. Nomination refusals can[…]

Cook jobs with sponsorship Australia

Cook jobs with sponsorship are available across Australia. Cook jobs with sponsorship include temporary stay and permanent residence options. Cook jobs in major metropolitan centres such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth provide for temporary visas only. Temporary visas include TSS 482 and Training 407 visas. Permanent residence visa option is available with RSMS 187[…]

Refund of Nomination Application Fee verses Cost Recovery?

Migration Regulation provides for refunds of nomination fee paid in relation to nominations made by standard business sponsors or parties to a labour agreement under a limited set of circumstances. These circumstances are outlined below. Where a nomination application has been refused and refunds are not given, funds can be recovered. There are a number of[…]

TSS Visa 482

TSS Visa 482 visa application requires a Standard Business Sponsor to lodge nomination and visa applications. Some quick facts about TSS Visa 482 visa application TSS Visa 482 requires: Standard Business Sponsorship; Nomination; and Visa application. TSS Visa 482 visa application Businesses lawfully operating in Australia can apply to become standard business sponsors. Overseas businesses operating in Australia can[…]

Skilling Australia Fund Nomination Applications

Skilling Australia Fund Nomination Applications In a move that has radically simplified the training fund commitment by sponsors and nominators for TSS, ENS, RSMS visas, the Skilling Australia Fund commences 12 August 2018. The change represents a welcome simplification of the benchmark system, a system that was increased risk of application refusal and was complex[…]