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LABOUR MARKET TESTING (LMT) FOR TSS VISA – Some Practical Do’s and Dont’s

Labour Market Testing (LMT) for TSS Visa is increasingly critical to nomination applications. Labour Market Testing (LMT) FOR TSS Visa The purpose of Labour Market Testing (LMT) for TSS, ENS and RSMS visas is twofold. First, and officially, it is to ensure that companies hire local resident workers first. If no suitable employee can be found locally,[…]

Work Visa Australia – Long and Short Pathways

Getting a work visa for Australia can be easy or difficult. It depends on your personal circumstances. There are many factors that determine how easy it will be for you to get a work visa for Australia. These are experience, qualifications, educational achievement, age, English ability and others. A summary of skilled and sponsored visas[…]

Online Resume

Online Resume Portal Our online resume is the gateway to Australian skilled and employment visa network. Australian employers across the country have critical need for skilled workers. Opportunities for short to long term work visas are numerous. Simply upload your resume, select Premium or our Free service. We strive to connect you with your next[…]

Post your Sponsored Job or Trainee Role

 When consider sponsoring an employee Sponsoring an employee can be difficult but rewarding. However, sponsored employees offer many benefits. For example, new perspectives or a good work ethic. However, applications can be daunting. Despite this, good migration law knowledge can help.  Good advice is important for risk management. It is also critical for effective staff decisions.[…]

IELTS Compared

IELTS Compared – Which test is right for you? IELTS is the foremost English proficiency test for migration to Australia. But is it the right one for you? For extensive insights into skilled migration to Australia, purchase your copy of Skilled Migration Australia e-book. Migration to Australia involves extensive use of English proficiency testing. Proof[…]