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Post your Sponsored Job or Trainee Role

LMT for TSS Visa
  • Register a single or mulitple roles.
  • We actively match roles with candidates. A sponsoring an employee
  • Our candidates seek sponsors Australia-wide.
  • Emergency roles can be posted for urgent projects.
  • Short and long term sponsored employment OK.
  • Permanent residence option for rare skills or exceptional employees.
  • Onshore and offshore candidates from global network.
  • 100% visa and migration compliant. However, sponsoring an employee
  • FREE and up to date migration law advice for registered employers.

 When consider sponsoring an employee

Location where job is to be performed, not head office location
You can select a single or multiple sponsorship types
Provide email for point of contact, or a generic company email to which correspondence will be sent

Company Details

Company details are confidential, not visible to the public and strictly administered by our recruitment team only.
Multiple industries can be selected

Sponsoring an employee can be difficult but rewarding. However, sponsored employees offer many benefits. For example, new perspectives or a good work ethic. However, applications can be daunting. Despite this, good migration law knowledge can help. 

Good advice is important for risk management. It is also critical for effective staff decisions.

Our migration agents and lawyers are registered with the Office of MARA.

Because we provide sound migration advice, we reduce risks of refusal. At the same time, application prospects of success improve.

We advise clients to ensure migration advice is from MARA registered people only. However, this is not always possible. Whilst professional advice is not cheap, it can be risky. Despite this, we urge employers to do due diligence. Check the bona fides of your migration agent or lawyer.

nevertheless, sponsoring an employee

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