Training Visa 407 Training Agreement

Applications for Training Visa 407 require Nomination application.

Key documents in the Nomination application are

As a combined service, we provide Training Agreement and Letter of Offer writing.

The Training Agreement is an essential part of the application process. Case officers assess terms and conditions of employment against elements of the Training Visa Nomination and Australian workplace laws.

Our approach to Training Agreement construction and customisation is based on years of experience in managing Employer Sponsored Nomination applications.

For this reason, Training Agreements written by us are written in view of current Migration Regulations.

As an additional service, we also provide customised Letter of Offer with key information content and format preferred by the Department.

NOTE: All work is done by registered migration agent and is not outsourced to offshore writers or writers with little or no understanding of Migration Law and Practice. 

Fast Turnaround

Training Agreement and Letter of Offer can be written with fast turnarounds.

Time frame for fast delivery can be arranged by consultation.

There are a number of elements to consider, mostly notably complexity.

Multiple Edits

We work with you to arrive at an acceptable final version that is fully compliant with Migration Regulations at the time.

Successful nomination application is our goal with each Training Agreement, so your input may result in additional changes to initial draft to be made.

About the Author

Senior migration advisor, Mr Paul Sadler (MARN 1382089) writes each Training Agreement.

Mr Sadler is former KPMG Senior Advisor and has worked for some of Sydney’s prominent migration law firms. Having extensive experience with former 457, now TSS visa applications, former Training and Research 402, now 407 visa, and other sponsored work visa categories, Mr Sadler ensures Training Visa application support document compliance with Migration Regulations.