Genuine Position Report – Employer Sponsored Nominations


Genuine Position Report – ENS TSS & 494 – is a comprehensive writing service to match the genuine position submission with the risk factors in the nomination application.

Employer sponsored nomination applications, including ENS 186, Regional Sponsored 494 and TSS 482 have mandatory requirement for a genuine position statement. Aside from the statement, other critical factors pertaining to genuine position are considered by case officers when deciding to grant or refuse nomination.

Our comprehensive Genuine Position Report identifies risk factors in the nomination and address the key issues that may trigger a refusal decision by the case officer.

Our Genuine Position Report is a detailed, report-style submission addressing relevant statutory requirements of the genuine position, genuine need, genuine application criteria.

Our risk mitigation approach is based on decades of in-house experience with employer sponsored nomination applications, including application case management, Departmental appeals and review, merits review cases via the AAT and industry advisory.

Our Genuine Position Report includes the following features

  • Genuine position Report is written as a comprehensive and extensive submission
  • The genuine position Report is in a detailed and comprehensive report format
  • Genuine Position Report is compiled by seasoned migration professionals based in Australia
  • Genuine Position Report is NOT outsourced to cheap offshore writing services (unlike our competitors)
  • Genuine Position Report writers have many years of experience with sponsored work visa applications
  • Genuine Position Report writers have a deep working knowledge of current migration law and policy
  • Genuine Position Report is compiled against current legislative and policy requirements
  • Genuine Position Report addresses identified risk factors and assessment criteria used by case officers
  • Our writers have years of experience dealing with nomination and visa applications

Who writes the Genuine Position Report?

The Genuine Position Report is drafted, reviewed and composed in final draft by Australian migration specialists. The benefit of your Genuine Position Report being drafted and composed by a migration specialist is the relevance against migration law.

Nomination refusals occur mostly due to failure of applications to satisfy the genuine position criteria. Migration professionals deal with Australian immigration law on a daily basis. As a result, they become intimately aware of the assessment criteria and the way in which policy guides decision makers reviewing applications.

This knowledge and expertise is applied to each Genuine Position Report produced by our migration specialists and subject matter professionals.

How fast can you provide the Genuine Position Report?

We require at least one week to complete the Genuine Position Report submission. As it is a detailed format, we are also required to do additional background research.

For an additional fee, and by case by case agreement, we can provide fast turnaround of between 1 to 3 days, depending on availability of expertise and depth of work required.

If you have any queries in relation to time frame for service delivery, contact us immediately.