Comprehensive Training Plan 407 Training Visa

Comprehensive Training Plan 407 Training Visa

Application for Training Visa 407 is rigorously scrutinised at each stage of application.

The most important supporting document is the Training Plan.

Our Comprehensive Training Plan writing service is fully compliant with relevant migration regulations (pertaining to nomination applications).

Each Comprehensive Training Plan is written to address employment and training contexts, Nominee prior work and/or learning experiences and other key criteria assessed by Departmental case officers.

For this reason, application risk factors are mitigated through clearly addressing all grant criteria as determined by current Migration Regulations.

Unlike other service providers, our Comprehensive Training Plans are not outsourced to offshore writers or writers who do not understand Australian migration law or the process assessment by of case officers.

It is for this reason, our Comprehensive Training Plans have enjoyed a high degree success and positive feedback from clients.

ALL OCCUPATIONS: Some recent training plan occupations:

      • Environmental Consultant
      • Glazier
      • Judicial and Legal Professional
      • Horse Trainer
      • Actuary
      • Mechanical Engineer
      • ICT Security Specialist
      • Stonemason
      • Lift Mechanic
      • Fibrous Plasterer
      • Internal Auditor
      • Exercise Physiologist
      • Acupuncturist

How it works

The service is simple to access with a streamlined process.

  • Order Comprehensive Training Plan with credit card payment
  • Automated email with link to list of required documents is sent following purchase confirmation
  • Once all required documents received, work commences
  • Deadline for delivery is arranged by agreement
  • Draft is sent for review, changes requested to be made
  • Delivery of final Training Plan
Training Plan Service Guarantee

Training Plan Key Features

All Comprehensive Training Plans are written to be fully compliant with Migration Regulations for 407 Training Visa nomination applications.

All Comprehensive Training Plans are fully customised to the application contexts – employer, internal structures, nominee training needs, nominee training context, individual training modules, assessment modes, criteria and trainer/supervisor assessment templates.Training Visa 407 Support Services

All Comprehensive Training Plans target risk factors for mitigation. As the Training Plans are written by migration agent with extensive experience with employer sponsored nomination applications, risk factors are identified and addressed in light of assessment criteria in current Migration Regulations.

Training modules are a key part of Training Plan implementation, so selection and input for training module selection are provided by experienced curriculum / RTO content writers.

Each Comprehensive Training Plan is structured the around a detailed training needs analysis.

The training needs analysis reflects key elements of assessment criteria, such as 3 nomination types.

The training needs analysis and training program proposal are also formulated against the sponsor’s business context and objectives.

This ensures the Training Plan can show the case officer that the nominee receives training for which nomination is made, and for which the sponsor has capacity to deliver.

Each of these are critical elements considered by delegates in grant or refusal decisions

A number of elements of the Training Plan include the following:

  • Objectives, tasks and timeframes;
  • Delineate practical work activities and instruction and/or observation;
  • Assessment of nominated trainee’s present skill level;
  • Definition of milestones and target skill development;
  • Provide details of appropriately qualified and experienced supervisors (trainers, assessors, etc);
  • Anticipated skills development for the Training Visa 407 holder.

The Training Plans is also formulated to ensure consistency with training program objectives.

Ultimately, the Training Plan will demonstrates how the trainee is to progress to a higher level of skills capability.

Fast Turnaround

Training Plans can be written with fast turnarounds.

Time frame for fast delivery can be arranged by consultation.

There are a number of elements to consider, mostly notably complexity.

Multiple Edits

We work with you to arrive at an acceptable final version that is fully compliant with Migration Regulations at the time.

Successful nomination application is our goal with each Comprehensive Training Plan, so your input may result in additional changes to initial draft to be made.

About the Author

Senior migration advisor, Mr Paul Sadler (MARN 1382089) writes each Comprehensive Training Plan.

Mr Sadler is former KPMG Senior Advisor and has worked with some of Sydney’s prominent migration law firms. Mr Sadler has extensive experience with 457, TSS 482, ENS 186, RSMS 187/494 Regional Sponsored, 407 Training, Business/Investment 188/888 and 132 Business Talent visas. Mr Sadler ensures Training Plan compliance with the Migration Regulations.