Eligibility Assessment

Eligibility Assessment + Migration Pathway Planning

You may be eligible for Migration to Australia, AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT!
We can provide a quick assessment, then a multiple pathway migration plan if you are eligible.

Imagine having a number of options to realise your personal goal of migrating to Australia.

Whether you plan to migrate to Australia on your own or resettle your family in this fantastic country, there are very often a number of pathway options to choose from.

Many people who want to migrate to Australia, or settle their family here, do not know that there are many options to achieve this goal.

Too many people try just the one way, or maybe even a second, subsequent avenue but fail and give up.

This is frustrating, time wasting and emotionally draining. You don’t need to do that!

Now is a good time to act! According to Australian government figures, numbers of skilled and sponsored migrants coming to Australia is as

Skilled migration chart

Skilled migration is the preferred source of migrants.

high as it has ever been. This trend is only going to continue in years to come.

Are you going to be one of those statistics and realise the fantastic career and work opportunities  Australia has to offer?

Will you be enjoying the beautiful, clean environments and world class amenities of its major cities and towns?

Then do not delay. Start your planning right now with our Eligibility Assessment package.

The time to act is Now.

Our Migration Pathway Planning + Eligibility Assessment package takes a detailed look at your personal situation

And this is how,

  • We look at options for skilled and/or sponsored migration.
  • The assessment is in the form of a report that explains your eligibility for migration by visa category.
  • The assessment is done by our team of experienced migration professionals. Our team also consults widely with industry bodies to understand changes in labour market conditions and how this can affect our clients’ eligibility.
  • The report will provide advice with present AND future labour market trends in mind.
  • We may also be able to provide you with advice and insights into possible short and long term work assignments in Australia that could boost your skilled and sponsored migration potential.
Skilled migration mix

Knowing which visa is right is confusing. Our expertise presents you the best pathway options.

  • Our migration and job network professionals look at the obvious, immediate and easy solutions for you.
  • But they do not stop there.
  • They also think outside the square and try to find as many options for you as possible.
  • This way, you can work on one, two or three pathways at the same time.
  • This maximises your chances of successful migration in a shorter period of time.

Only our team of experts have a finely tuned methodology to seek out the best options out for you.

As a special inclusion for selected clients who meet eligibility criteria, we will attempt to put you in touch with employers requiring your unique skills for short term job assignments in Australia. This is a way to showcase your skills and abilities to an Australian employer as well as having the opportunity to check out your future homeland!

So what are you waiting for?

Getting started simply requires ordering your migration pathway planning + eligibility assessment package. 

One final and very important point to remember:

Some of you are eligible to apply for certain visas right now. But for others, there are things you will need to do to position yourself to become eligible for skilled migration to Australia.

Do not delay. Start your migration planning and preparation today with our help.