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Temorary sponsored work

What is it?

Temporary Skilled Migration Scheme matches Australian employers with skilled workers internationally for short term sponsored work. 

Skills shortages occur across Australia in different industrial sectors and locations.

The scheme identifies short term and immediate skills shortages and introduces skilled candidates from abroad for short term sponsored work.

Short term sponsored work fills the immediate need for staff on projects, however there is also potential in the scheme for long term sponsorship by extension of contract. 







"Around 87% of Temporary Work Sponsored Scheme participants go on to long term sponsored employment with their Australian employer." 



"Qualified and with more than 3 years experience in your occupation* you could be in the running for short term work projects in Australia, or eligible for temporary and/or permanent migration."

* Occupations for migration are listed on Occupation Lists, the primary two being the Short Term Strategic Skills List and the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List

Who is it for?

To be in a position to secure a temporary work assignment, you would need to be experienced, and where necessary, qualified to work in your chosen occupation in Australia. 

For example, an electrician would need the appropriate licensing in home country and to have that certification recognised by the Australian government with a skills assessment. Skills assessments are carried out by selected organisations in many countries. Skills assessments can also be done by Australian skills assessing bodies 

We can assist by managing your skills assessment from start to finish. To learn more, click here

Easy Registration 

Simply order the Temporary Sponsored Work Scheme Package, then send your comprehensive resume and we will complete the registration for you. 

Australia wide employer network

We then seek work projects and employer need for temporary/short term skilled workers. We introduce you to those employers with short term or temporary needs. 

Employer Introductions

We introduce you to prospective temporary employers for short term projects and employment in Australia. 


Basic Eligibility Assessment

Skilled visa eligibility assessment

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Migration Pathway Planning

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