October 8, 2018

Sponsored Visas

Sponsoring an employee has many benefits for employers: Sponsored Visas

  • Sponsored employees can solve immediate, short term and long term skills crises
  • Sponsored employees commit for set periods: 2 years – 4 years+
  • Sponsored employees have experience and can ‘hit the ground running’
  • Sponsored employees can meet gaps in skills supply for high demand occupations and geographical regions

We can assist you with skills shortages by sourcing employees through sponsored visa options. 

See below for sponsored visa types.

We combine local and global recruitment with migration law expertise to deliver the right skills solution for your business or project.

Post Sponsored Roles HerePost immediate, emergency or long term roles offering sponsorship

Our innovative approach screens applicants for suitability and cost effective visa options.

This approach enhances risk management by proposing candidates and visa options with best prospects of success.

We maintain a database of onshore and offshore candidates for on-demand candidate selections. We may also provide ongoing candidate selections for highly sought after skills, niche talent or seasonal demands.

To access our services simply post your role. To discuss eligibility and other migration matters, arrange a confidential phone consultation with one of our registered migration professionals.

Sponsored work visas include: TSS 482 (formerly 457, temporary 1-4 years); ENS 186 (permanent residence; RSMS 187(permanent residence); Temporary activity visas 400, 408; Training visa 407