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August 10, 2019

Find Sponsored Work in Australia – Sponsored Work Seeker Program


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We connect global candidates with jobs in Oz! Ask us how

Our sponsored work seeker program has assisted many employers meet staffing needs with employees requiring sponsored visas.

Our network of employers is growing all the time, providing greater opportunities for our sponsored job seeker clients.

Employers in our network offer a range of sponsorships, including

  • Training Visa 407 (for employees with 12 months work experience)
  • TSS 482 Visa (Temporary sponsored work visa, up to 4 years)
  • Permanent Residence through ENS 186 or RSMS 187 visas

Our commitment is long term. We work with our clients to meet career, employment and migration goals. Do you qualify? Do the quick assessment check here and we will be in touch!

Our Clients are Employers and Job Seekers in Many Industries

Accounting & Administration

Our network of employers requiring accounting and financial administration staff is extensive. Our clients include accounting firms, small to medium businesses and financial institutions.

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Engineering & Planning

Our client network of employers regularly require skilled or trainee engineers, planners, architects for projects in remote and regional areas, such as mining and construction industries.

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Construction & Trades

Our employer clients include building & construction, trades and building services sector operators. Skills shortage are most acute in trades services.

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Ask us how we help our clients find sponsored work in Australia

Sponsored Work Assistance Package - How it Works

Visa Application Services

Our program package includes visa applications managed by Australian registered migration professionals. Applications include entry visas, sponsored work visas and visa extensions.

Pre-Qualification Advisory

Pre-qualification is essential for us to advise employers on visa eligibility of job candidates and prospects of visa application success.

Employer Introductions

As an important part of our package, employer introductions are essential for interviews and in arranging for work or skills demonstrations. We continue to work with candidates until an employer is located.

Recent Successful Cases

Building Services Client

Our client is a building services employer. We introduced a property manager from Philippines for a Training 407 Visa and a landscape gardener for TSS 482 visa.

Commercial Painters

Our employer provides commercial painting for high rise construction projects and required painters. We introduced candidates for Training 407 Visa, TSS 482 and permanent residence sponsorship.

Hospitality, Food & Beverage

We have many employer clients in hospitality, food and beverage service sectors. We introduced cooks, chefs, bakers, butchers and many more roles to employers who went on to be sponsored for Training 407, TSS 482 or permanent residence visas.


Woodwork and Carpentry

Our client required multiple woodworking and carpentry employees for a large construction project. We introduced experienced candidates to the employer and a number of candidates were sponsored for Training 407, TSS 482 and permanent residence visas.

Eletricians, Plumbers and Welders

Our client required multiple trades workers, including electricians, plumbers and welders. We sourced candidates from within Australia and abroad and a number were sponsored for Training 407, TSS 482 and permanent residence visas.

Flooring and Tiling

We had a number of candidates registered with us with experience as floor tiling and flooring specialists. We represented them to find employers with staff shortages and who were willing to sponsor staff. Candidates were sponsored for TSS 482 visas.

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'Thanks to Paul and the team I have been sponsored for TSS-482 visa in regional Victoria with eligibility for Permanent Residence soon!'

~ J. Songalia, from Philippines