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September 27, 2018

ENS 186 Visa Application Required Documents Checklist

ENS 186 Visa Application Required Documents Checklist

Required documents for visa applications (applicable for TSS-482, RSMS-187 and ENS-186 visas).
Enter the name of your sponsoring employer or sponsoring entity.
Enter full name of employee or nominee as it is written in their passport


1. Identity Required Documents (MINIMUM ONE)

Gather the suggested documents that apply to your situation before progressing with this application.
Scan must be clear and in full colour. Photographic ID with signature is also preferred ID, so if available, supply with application.

2. Residence Documents

Please gather these documents before progressing this application.

3. Skills Documents (Select relevant documents you have)

Please gather the listed documents before progressing with this application, if relevant.
Please ensure resume is detailed and comprehensive, listing all tasks and duties of each previous role that is relevant to the role you are seeking nomination. Translations of qualifications required ONLY for qualifications relevant to the role you are now seeking nomination.

4. English Proficiency Documents

Either results from English testing OR evidence of 5 years of education in studies English was language of instruction.
Citizens of UK, USA, Canada, NZ and Northern Ireland do not need to provide evidence of English proficiency.

5. Employment Documents (Past and Present)

Please gather these documents before progressing this application.

6. Additional (secondary) Applicants Documents

Please gather these documents before progressing this application.
Secondary applicants are partners (spouse through marriage or de facto partner of 12 months or longer relationship) or children / dependents under the age of 23 at time of application.

7. Character and Health (These can be provided AFTER application is lodged)

Detailed information on family (migrating with you or not migrating with you) is required for application, as well as health declarations.
Provide details of previous application history with the Department in Australia and other countries.
Police clearance certificates are needed for each country visa applicants over the age of 16 have resided in for more than 12 months in the past 10 years.
Family relationships include parents, siblings and children, including dependent and non-dependent children. Does not include uncles or cousins or other generations, such as grandparents.
Recent health examinations or declarations on health matters.

NOTE: Follow these instructions when considering the required documents checklist

  • This is a generic list, not required documents on the list may be relevant to your situation. Request assistance if you are not sure.
  • Gather all items you have before commencing the data collection form.
  • Official documentation in foreign languages MUST be accompanied with a certified translation. If in Australia, this could be a NAATI certified translator. If abroad, translations must be notarised or certified by appropriate legal authorities.
  • Scans of documents must be in full colour.
  • Scans of documents must be clear and legible. Missing parts of the page or hazy, shady or dark areas where text cannot be read may be rejected.
  • Incomplete or non-compliant documents may not be acceptable, ask us if you need clarification.
  • .pdf documents are preferred.
  • File size should be less than 5MB, as the Department’s systems do not handle large files. If a document is to exceed this size, compress or break up into a series of smaller files.
  • Comprehensive documentation will assist us to prepare submissions in support of your application.