May 10, 2015

About Us

SPONSOR CONNECT™ is a combined service of migration and recruitment professionals.

SPONSOR CONNECT™ is subsidiary service of VISAFAQ with a focus on employer sponsored visa services.

Our migration professionals are registered agents and lawyers.

Our recruitment staff are global mobility and HR professionals.

Our recruitment team assist employers with difficulty recruiting from local labour market.

We build and maintain a database of candidates to meet skills in demand.

bout Us

For Employers

SPONSOR CONNECT™ can assist you with short and long term staffing problems, such as

  • High turnover About Us
  • Absenteeism About Us
  • Low or insufficient skills in times of peak demand

Sponsored visas include temporary (TSS, Training) and permanent (ENS, RSMS) solutions.

When you register with us, we gather resumes of skilled workers meeting your requirements.

These resumes are provided to us by candidates requiring temporary or permanent sponsorship.

Our obligation to you is ongoing. We will continue to introduce candidates fitting your requirements.

We continue to work with you by providing ongoing migration advice as regulations change.

For Candidates

We advise and assist candidates seeking sponsored employment in Australia.

We take resumes through our online registration system. About Us

Resumes are then assessed by recruitment and migration professionals.

Migration professionals assess eligibility for visa subclasses (eg, ENS, RSMS or TSS?)

We can advise on eligibility and assist with skills assessment if required.

Once assessed for visa eligibility, our recruiters use our proprietary matching system.

If an employer is found requiring your skills, recruiters introduce you to them.

Employers considering you for sponsorship will initiate interview (phone or Skype).

How to Identify Migration Fraud

Sponsor-Connect is a legitimate migration and recruitment services business.

We comply with the strict Code of Conduct under Migration Regulations 1994. Our migration professionals are registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Ways to Identify Migration Fraud and Scams

  • Check persons providing advice or offering service are MARA registered
  • Check that activities can be declared to MARA (scammers will not want their activities declared to MARA)
  • DO NOT pay if service provider says ‘Employer is to be paid for sponsorship’ (this is a crime under the Migration Act)
  • DO NOT pay for upfront service unless it is clearly migration related service
  • DO NOT pay for guaranteed visa or guaranteed migration outcome (this is prohibited under the Code of Conduct)



Our proprietary online systems support

  • Fast document collection
  • Fast internal processing
  • Fast application preparations
  • Fast application submission


Our proprietary online systems support

  • Efficient case management
  • Efficient client management
  • Efficient candidate matching
  • Efficient visa applications


Our propriety online systems support

  • Multi layered risk management
  • Risk aware client recruitment
  • Risk managed skills assessment
  • Risk managed case handling


Our proprietary online systems cost effective

  • FREE recruitment service (valid to March 2019)
  • Cost competitive Migration services
  • Discounts on re-applications